Pay Pal tutorial

How to make payment through PAY PAL?

1.Register your credit card
2. At top menu ,click on send payment taskbar
3. In the dialog box  key in
4.Choose amount
5.Select online purchases ,choose GOODS then click continue

1.For those who already have PAYPAL account , click paypal button in my blog.
2.Click log in by key in your e-mail address and password

Kindly please take note , payment through PAYPAL need additional charge 4.5% for every transaction ( domestic charge )

Example of calculation :

1. Harga Baju Kurung cotton RM 145 , postage: RM 5 = RM 150
2. RM 150 X 4.5 % = RM 6.75
3.RM 6.75+RM150 = RM156.75

Please let us know before u make any transaction.We will give the amount for PAYPAL payment method.

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