Wednesday, 19 December 2012

2012 will gone soon..

Dear all ...especially my loyal customer or loyal stalker..hehehe ( ada ke stalker tuh )

Ok,2012 akan berlalu pergi kan...sekejap aje masa pantas tik tok tik  tok...dah makin meningkat usia..

Arghh sedih...hope can stop the clock...but tak boleh kan..thats what we called the journey of life ..hope everybody happy during this year and for all the year will come ahead..

Normally every year , i will allocate some money utk pergi melawat ke negara org..jz find something useful for myself and for my business as well...jauh berjalan luas pemandangan kan...moga hari2 seterusnya kita semua beroleh rahmat dari Allah , di murahkan rezeki dan perjalanan hidup yang menenangkan hati...My trip well quite good,alhamdulillah di jauhkan dari segala kesusahan dan kesukaran..i hope i can shut the 2012 door happily..

For women out strong and positive towards life..nothing can stop u from dreaming..dream,dream and dream until its will become not afraid facing the not afraid to do new things in not afraid to not afraid of failure..u wont know if u haven't start the end of the day , happiness in ur heart is evertg before u close ur eyes and leaving from this world...

Good day everybody !!

Btw , new stock kain cotton has arrived!!...belum sempat nak snap snap photo...tq for those yg bagi kepercayaan beli barang online..iyelah,..not easy to trust anybody kan..but i try the best to sell good quality product , fast service for delivery..huhuhu..takut cust marah lambat u all!!!


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